Our Cause

Our course is faithfully designed to transform people, society and the world.

Authentic Leaders are required to lead effectively in today's circumstances.

In a society where 70% of senior managers feel worn out by work, it is no wonder that 9 out of 10 managers performed average or below average, according to the latest research by YouGov on behalf of MH (2018).

Constantly feeling burnt out has a negative impact not only on leaders but also on followers, employees, their families and ultimately to the society. Nearly 80% of employees have experienced a poor manager or management and nearly 70% of parents are worn out by work. We believe that no one should be facing this condition at work or in his or her personal life.

Our Approach

At BmitaGroup we believe that Leadership is a worthy way of transforming life.

Our courses are the materialization of that idea. They are designed to bring together essential elements of life and leadership into the world we know to create and achieve a thoughtfulness way of leading. Our courses are appropriated for executives from organisations of any size and any sector, who care to take responsibility for their own effectiveness and believe they can have a direct effect on theirs or other people daily experiences.

Our Vision

Create, prepare, serve and connect a new wave of authentic leaders around the globe, that want to be part and see a sustainable, unprecedented and meaningful change in the world we know.

Our Mission

Transform essential elements of leadership by reinforcing intention and choice to explore a new remarkable way of living leadership that emanate and serve humankind.​

Our Team

Carlos Gomez


Prominent leadership and entrepreneurship specialist with over 15 years of experience in international leadership at senior level and co-founder and director of Bmita Group..

Paola Velasco

Director of Admissions

Co-founder of Bmita Group, Paola is a strong leader, an authentic person and a highly qualified manager with 13 years experience in Team building in the retail industry.

Solveig Ellefsen

CLHAP Trainer

Global Goodwill Ambassador on LinkedIn and a well-known book author, certified personal development trainer and recognised practitioner of energetic healing with Reiki and ThetaHealing.

Any queries or concerns?

Please call us on +44 78 5999 8613 or use our contact form.

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