24th-25th September 2018

Habtoor Grand Resort, Autograph Collection

Dubai, UAE

CLHAP® is a 2-day live training followed by a 6-months self-development online training; It is based on research evidence and practical experience and it uses science-based approaches that help to build the core mindset and emotional intelligence ability needed not only to understand and operate proactively, effectively and authentically in fast-moving and uncertain environments but more importantly to feel a profound sense of joy and connection to others and to the world.


In a society where 70% of senior managers feel worn out by work, it is no wonder that 9 out of 10 managers performed average or below average, according to the latest research. Constantly feeling burnt out has a negative impact not only on leaders but also on followers, employees, their families and ultimately to the society. Nearly 80% of employees have experienced a poor manager or management and nearly 70% of parents are worn out by work. 


We believe that no one should be facing this condition at work or in his or her personal life.

Most leaders and employees are not aware that they are stuck in a psychological development stage where they focus on the ‘self’ rather than focusing on the ‘we’. They look for personal happiness, however, happiness, as we know it, is the satisfaction of our ego’s needs and it does not last. They do not know that finding meaning and fulfilment is what satisfies our soul’s needs, which is the “true” happiness. 


Our solution, the CLHAP®training programme has been faithfully designed to transform people, organisations, society and the world.






Organisations will have employees and leaders who:


  • Increase happiness and fulfilment at work at the individual, team, departmental and organisational levels
  • Increase their capacity to foster highly productive relationships based on trust and kindness as well as their ability to influence others effectively
  • Have a conscious understanding and master their personal dynamics as well as the dynamics of the organisation or team they belong to or lead
  • Develop inner strength for difficult situations that test their honesty and integrity, increasing their credibility as a leader
  • Cultivate lasting resilience and sustainable wellbeing for them and their teams
  • Consider the wellbeing of the collective to be more important than their own wellbeing





This process will help participants to: 


  • Increase happiness and fulfilment as core values and a way of living
  • Become self-aware and find the right balance between personal success and that of the organisation 
  • Discover their personal mission, values and purpose 
  • Create capacity for emotional self-mastery, maintaining a peaceful state of mind when handling the added pressure that comes with the increasing pace of life
  • Subconsciously develop powerful positive thinking and positive mental attitude that increase individual’s ability to influence others and decrease discomfort with disruptive change  
  • Develop mindfulness of their actions and develop inner strength and resilience for difficult situations




CLHAP is the training programme inspired by and based on core concepts shared by the books The Clear-Minded Leader and The Inner Sun Path to Happiness. It builds on research in neuroscience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, positive psychology and Authentic Leadership, organised in a systematic process. It begins with self-discovery and aims at self-mastery through continuous self-development. It is structured in 4 modules and thought over 2 days: 


CLHAP®is designed for senior executives, managers and professionals leading teams at public and private organizations from diverse functions and industries. It is particularly suitable for those who are looking for a meaningful leadership role and are committed to making a difference to their organization and to the world. 



HR or Organisational Development managers seeking to increase the impact of existing leadership programmes are also welcome.




Carlos Gomez

International #1 Best-Selling Author, evolutionary coach and prominent leadership and personal growth specialist with over 15 years of experience in international leadership at senior level and co-founder and director of Bmita Group. Read more

Solveig Ellefsen

Global Goodwill Ambassador on LinkedIn and a well-known book author; certified personal development trainer and recognised practitioner of energetic healing with Reiki and ThetaHealing. Read more




To find out more about this training programme please email info@bmitagroup.com

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