A Leadership Mindset Development Programme Like no Other.


ALDP® is a distinctive, self-reflective, individual-centred and evolutionary leadership development programme with an ambitious objective, lead participants to reach the highest level of leadership consciousness.

Authentic Leader (ALDP®)


ALDP is a 2-days live foundation training followed by a 6-months self-development online training; it is based on research evidence, theoretical writings and practical experience and it uses science-based approaches that help to build the core mindset and emotional intelligence ability needed to understand and operate proactively, effectively and authentically in fast-moving, and uncertain environments.

Develop a completely new leadership mindset and transform the way you lead others.

Authentic Leader (ALDP®)


ALDP® is the training programme inspired by the book The Clear-Minded Leader. It includes concepts and elements from neuroscience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and Authentic leadership, organised in a systematic process that begins with self-discovery and aim to self-mastery through continuous self-development.


Our Promise

Become harmonious, balanced and effective leader

Achieve Self-knowledge and Clarity of Purpose

Develo self-awareness, discover your core values and express your true self

Craft your unique personal vision, define your goals and discover your intrinsic motivators

Understand your purpose and design an aligned life-plan.

Build Emotional Intelligence

Create the capacity for emotional self-mastery

Have a conscious understanding and master your personal dynamics as well as the dynamics of the organisation or team you lead.

Develop inner strength for difficult situations that test your integrity​

Gain the Drive and Energy to Act

Strengthen achievement drive and commitment towards your goals
Develop more inner strength and resilience for difficult situations

Understand what triggers procrastination and how to overcome it

Build a mindset for self-discipline

Authentic Leader® is accredited by ILM

Gain recognition from the Institute of Leadership & Management ILM, Europe’s foremost professional body in the field of leadership and management


Be part of our community of over 27,000 leaders and:


Get access to a range of online resources to support your learning


Network with like-minded professional at our events and learn from industry practitioners and experts


Keep informed of the latest thought leadership and trends affecting leadership practice through the Edge journal and our cutting-edge research


Access careers guidance and plan your future goals


Get fast-track recognition for your achievements on completing your studies with professional membership and certification



Knowing Yourself

Who you really are. Inmerse in a journey of self-discovery and cultivate emotional intelligence and self-acceptance.

Leading Others

Focus on the building of a great character that will radically transform the way you inspire, influence and motivate others.

Leading Yourself

Learn the concept, make the shift and build the required mindset as successful and Authentic leaders do. Master your mind.

Authentic Leader in Action

Develop the state of mind that is a continuous seeker, finder and executer of ways to win regardless of the circumstances. 

Gilbert Ambani. Chief Information Officer, Juhudi Kilimo, CIO 100 Global winners list 2013

“The course is very practical and refers to the current challenges we are facing as leaders and is able to address some of the areas that we do not get from the tools and the skills we get out of the ordinary curriculum curses like MBAs and BScs”.

Domina Feruzi.  Head of Government Banking National Microfinance Bank PLC

“I learnt a lot from this course. I did not know much about Authentic Leadership and how it can bring you closer to you team. I am sure it will assist me and my organisation to come closer to our employees”.

Powell Grey Maimba. CEO, Engen Kenya

“The programme has been great, we started by looking at ourselves, reflecting on our personal lives and see how that applies to our business lives”.

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