About Carlos Gomez

International #1 Best-Selling Author and prominent leadership and entrepreneurship specialist with over 15 years of experience in international leadership at senior level and co-founder and director of BmitaGroup.

All these years, he has been making people realise and live their best potential as remarkable leaders. 

Carlos is the main speaker of BmitaGroup leadership and entrepreneurship development programmes and has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs, junior and senior managers in various industries in Europe and Africa. 

He has helped executives to become authentic leaders and achieved a thoughtful way of leading that emanates and serves humankind. 

A trusted advisor and consultant to small businesses in the UK, who began working independently as an executive development coach for startup owners and became passionate about leading and influencing people. He is continuously researching and seeking ways beyond the skill-building approach towards leadership.

Alongside the industry experience, Carlos has been advising senior managers and boards of directors at higher education providers in Britain and has been acting as a leadership and strategic marketing lecturer at the MBA level.

Carlos holds an MBA from Kingston University, a Pgdip in Marketing Management and a BA in Industrial Design.



Authentic Leadership. Being a Successful Change Leader

Mindset and Behavioural Change in Leadership Development

The Mindset and Motivation Drive for High Performance

Self-knowledge and the Process to Become an Authentic Leader

Being Comfortable with Uncertainty

Personality and Emotional Intelligence

Traits of an Influential Leader

Using Communication to Influence and Build Confidence, Credibility and Trust.


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"We only need a few Authentic Leaders with a good heart and a trained mind to make this world better. This we can do". 



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